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Searches of the gold, one of the most valuable metals on Earth, bewitched centuries mankind, and today the interest to this precious metal doesn't decrease. But often during searches, people found various precious crystals in mines instead of gold.

Our unique economic game will help you to plunge into times of a gold-rush and to earn REAL MONEY by means of your faithful assistants - extraordinary hardworking dwarfs with amusing names, those dwarfs who still knew the Snow White. 

Rules of the game are very simple:

Hire dwarfs to get crystals for you. Each dwarf gives different quantity of crystals, and the more expensive he is, the more skilled and more crystals he will get for you.

What's next?? 

Сhange crystals to gold and gold for REAL USD!!

Game exchange rate - 1 USD = 3500 gold.

But also main thing! Don't forget to invite all your friends to the game! It will help you to earn much more money, to win various prizes from our project and to share the joyful atmosphere of times of a gold-rush and friendship with cheerful and hardworking dwarfs.

And now go FORWARD to adventures, sign up and earn!



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